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About our Language Schools

Language Schools abroad: Learn Chinese, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French Language Schools!

About our language schools:
Studying a language opens for you different opportunities in the world. Learn Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, German, Japanese or any language you want at any of our language schools.

Our team selects only the best schools from each country, those that offer the best quality and those from which we receive the best feedback from clients. All our schools are evaluated by our students and this allows you to view past reviews and experiences so you can decide which language school you want to choose.

We also select the best locations for our language schools, either those most popular for tourism or those which offer a safer atmosphere to our students.

Finally, we offer the Languageschoolmall to our students and for several reasons:

Italian is the language of romance. Spanish in one of the top three languages in the world. English in still the most importante language in the world today. French is the language of love and German is necessary since its the language used by the biggest economy in Europe. Finally, Brasilian is the fastes growing language in Latin America.

So what are you waiting, get your bags ready and embark into the experience of a lifetime!







English school in AUSTRALIA
- English school in Melbourne

- English school in Sydney

English school in the UK
- English school in London

- English school in Ireland

- English school in Scotland

English school in CANADA
- English school in Vancouver

- English school in Toronto

- English school in Montreal

English school in MALTA
- English school in Valetta
- English school in Sliema
- English school in St. Julians

English school in the US
- English school in New York

- English school in Miami

French school in FRANCE

- French school in Paris

- French school in Nice

- French school in Lyon

French school in CANADA
- French school in Montreal




German school in GERMANY

- German school in Munich

- German school in Frankfurt

- German school in Berlin

- German school in Hamburg

German school in AUSTRIA
- German school in Vienna







Spanish school in SPAIN
- Spanish school in Barcelona

- Spanish school in Madrid

- Spanish school in Malaga

Spanish school in ARGENTINA
- Spanish school in Buenos Aires

- Spanish school in Cordoba

Spanish school in CHILE
- Spanish school in Santiago

Spanish school in COSTA RICA
- Spanish school in San Jose

Spanish school in ECUADOR
- Spanish school in Quito

Spanish school in MEXICO
- Spanish school in Mexico City

- Spanish school in Oaxaca

- Spanish school in Playa del Carmen

Spanish school in PERU
- Spanish school in Lima

- Spanish school in Cusco

- Italian school in Florence
- Italian school in Rome
- Italian school in Milan



Portuguese school in BRASIL
- Portuguese school in Sao Paulo

- Portuguese school in Rio de Janeiro

Portuguese school in PORTUGAL
- Portuguese school in Lisbon







Chinese school in CHINA
- Chinese school in Shanghai
- Chinese school in Beijing

- Japanese school in Tokyo