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Language Courses

Language courses abroad in Spain, Latin America, Italy, France and other destinations.

The following are some of the reasons why you should book a language course through our specialized agency:

  • Our agency is the market specialist for language courses
  • Learning a language in a different country is the experience of a lifetime, either if you go with friends or by yourself, you will make lots of friends, learn about local behaviours and gain immersion in a different culture.
  • We have a lowest price guarantee: you will noit find any course cheaper than what if offered by our agency.
  • Our platform makes it easy for you to book and compare different language schools.
  • We will be in contact with the school to make sure they are following the service quality standards we require from them.
  • We can provide you with information from different language schools and allow you to make the decision of which one is best for you.
  • We have language schools in different locations and offer language courses in different languages: Spanish, French, Italian, English, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese. Our destinations are among the best touristy places in the world.
  • We can book language courses either for individuals of for groups of students.
  • We represent the best language schools from different locations from around the world, each has been inspected by our staff our clients constantly review them.

Open the options of the world for you now, book a language school through us anytime!







English school in AUSTRALIA
- English school in Melbourne

- English school in Sydney

English school in the UK
- English school in London

- English school in Ireland

- English school in Scotland

English school in CANADA
- English school in Vancouver

- English school in Toronto

- English school in Montreal

English school in MALTA
- English school in Valetta
- English school in Sliema
- English school in St. Julians

English school in the US
- English school in New York

- English school in Miami

French school in FRANCE

- French school in Paris

- French school in Nice

- French school in Lyon

French school in CANADA
- French school in Montreal




German school in GERMANY

- German school in Munich

- German school in Frankfurt

- German school in Berlin

- German school in Hamburg

German school in AUSTRIA
- German school in Vienna







Spanish school in SPAIN
- Spanish school in Barcelona

- Spanish school in Madrid

- Spanish school in Malaga

Spanish school in ARGENTINA
- Spanish school in Buenos Aires

- Spanish school in Cordoba

Spanish school in CHILE
- Spanish school in Santiago

Spanish school in COSTA RICA
- Spanish school in San Jose

Spanish school in ECUADOR
- Spanish school in Quito

Spanish school in MEXICO
- Spanish school in Mexico City

- Spanish school in Oaxaca

- Spanish school in Playa del Carmen

Spanish school in PERU
- Spanish school in Lima

- Spanish school in Cusco

- Italian school in Florence
- Italian school in Rome
- Italian school in Milan



Portuguese school in BRASIL
- Portuguese school in Sao Paulo

- Portuguese school in Rio de Janeiro

Portuguese school in PORTUGAL
- Portuguese school in Lisbon







Chinese school in CHINA
- Chinese school in Shanghai
- Chinese school in Beijing

- Japanese school in Tokyo