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'; Our agency offers different language courses abroad, from Italian courses in Italy to spanish language in Spain and french language school or english language school and language school in Canada; Chinese courses in China all languages all levels.


Language Schools in Different Locations!

Book thorugh us at a lowest price guarantee!

Our language schools are located in the best destinations and inspected by our staff members every year. We guarantee that the best language schools will be shown to our clients and that the destinations shows are the most appropiate for language learning. We have also a lowest price guarantee, we guarantee that you wont find any price below those published in this website.

Our agency has years of experience, we have sent more than 1,000 clients abroad to study languages in different destinations throughout the years. Chinese is the fastest growing language for learning. Italian is the language of romance. Spanish in one of the top three languages in the world. English in still the most importante language in the world today. French is the language of love and German is necessary since its the language used by the biggest economy in Europe. Finally, Brasilian is the fastes growing language in Latin America.

We also offer accommodation.- Our language schools offer accmmodation for students in different locations. Housing will be very convenient to book through our schools and easily accessible by public transport.

Learn different languages today with our language schools and get ready to explore the world. Learning a language through our language courses will open for you the opportunities for business, open the job market for you and give you competitive advantages which are extremely necessary in todays changing world. What are you waiting for then! Join us and learn a language in opne of our international language schools, it wil be an experience of a lifetime!


*** We offer a lowest price guarantee, if you find a lower price for the same school on the same period, we will match it and lower it more!






English school in AUSTRALIA

English school in the UK

English school in CANADA

New Zealand (coming soon)

French school in FRANCE



German school in GERMANY






Spanish school in SPAIN

Spanish school in ARGENTINA

Spanish school in CHILE

Spanish school in MEXICO

Spanish school in PERU

- Italian school in Florence




Portuguese school in PORTUGAL





Chinese school in CHINA

- Japanese school in Tokyo

Languageschoolmall offers you a 5% discount in the course fee of any language course that you book online in your favorite language schools. We guarantee you will be booking a course at the best price every time. We offer language courses in more than 50 destinations, from Spanish in Spain to Italian, French, Portuguese, English, Chinese and Japanese through an impressive network of language schools. Each school offers courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced language students and offers them the possibility to meet people from around the world while living in a different city while learning a language.

- January- February 2019: Learn Spanish and Astrobiology while experiencing Argentina and Antarctica. Cost is $135usd per week for basic 4 hours session with a $20usd charge for extra hours of class. Enjoy the experience while taking a cruise or visiting Buenos Aires!

- March 2019: Volunteer in SOS Childrens village in French polynesia and learn French. A village of children without parental care, programme focused on family streghtening.


- Teach English in Fiji: Based in Nadi, you will travel to different islands to teach English in communities. Fiji is the happiest country in the world. To apply you must be over 18 and be fluent in English. $142.5usd per week

- Organize local tours in a Vanuatu volcano: Help a local hotel organize guided tours to a volcano and other tous. To qualify you must be fluent in English. You will also teach English to locals. $142.5usd per week

- Work in Tonga with a local company organizing whale snorkelling tours. The company hires Europeans to guide diving and snorkelling tours with whales. Accommodation is included. $142.5usd per week

- Teach English in New Caledonia

- Teach English in Indonesia at a local school. You will be based in Balior Jakarta. Teach elementary school kids English after class. Accommodation is not included. $142.5usd per week

Flights are nor included in the volunteer opportunities and accommodation only when indicated. To book contact us. You can start anytime except for Tonga (June to September). $142.5usd per week